Duane Daiker

Duane Daiker
Chair 2016-2017

One of my final duties as Chair of the Section required me to deliver a report at our annual meeting. Preparing for this report has given me the opportunity to contemplate our many accomplishments in the past year.

We kicked off the year with our first retreat and long-range planning session in over a decade. Appellate lawyers from all over the state descended upon the Conch Republic, and we made detailed plans for the upcoming year and beyond. The months that followed the retreat have been a race to implement the many ideas that surfaced. We made impressive progress, and we have a roadmap for more improvements to come.

As a Section, we have put a strong emphasis on modernizing our approach to serving our members. We are launching a social media campaign, and transitioning The Record to a modern electronic format. We hope that modernizing our communications and publications will help us obtain new members, and better communicate with our current members. Emails and PDF files are simply not the best way to reach our membership anymore.

We are also modernizing the delivery of our CLE programs, and looking for the best ways to be both effective and profitable in the new world of digital content. While we never anticipate doing away with live “in person” seminars, we are offering more options for “on demand” webcasts, and more creative digital content bundles are coming.

Even while working stridently toward these important changes, we have not forgotten our core mission of serving our members and working for the betterment of Florida’s appellate courts. The Section continues to provide an impressive array of pro bono services and educational opportunities, and continues to monitor legislative changes and the impact of the historic Constitutional Revision Commission.

I have too many people to thank for their tireless work for the Section in this message, but I will do my best to thank all of you in person in Boca Raton. This opportunity to lead a group of incredible appellate lawyers has been a highlight of my professional career. I will always be thankful for the opportunity, and I am very excited for the future of the Section.

Duane A. Daiker, Chair
Appellate Practice Section