Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I am reaching out to each of you in this most uncertain of times to remind you that your Section and your Bar are here to work through these challenges alongside you. We have all been impacted, professionally and personally, by COVID-19 and the amazing efforts being taken to slow its spread, to “flatten the curve”, to stave off this unseen menace as long as possible.

To that end, your Section, your Bar, and the Courts have all reacted. Popular Section live CLE offerings have been postponed. Currently, the Practicing Before the Florida First District Court of Appeal 2020 CLE has been tentatively rescheduled for November 6, 2020 and Practicing Before the Florida Supreme Court 2020, a joint-sponsored CLE that the Section hosts alongside the Government Lawyer Section, has been postponed, future date to be determined. Audio webcast CLEs will continue as scheduled until further notice. The Bar has developed an update of constant information resource webpage, the link for which is provided, here.

Each of Florida’s appellate courts have also swiftly reacted, issuing administrative orders describing the particular limitations, postponements, or cancellations of oral arguments or other activities with each of those respective courts. Links to each of our appellate court’s COVID-19 correspondence are provided here:

General Florida Courts Information

First District Court Appeal

Second District Court of Appeal

Third District Court of Appeal

Fourth District Court of Appeal

Fifth District Court of Appeal

The Section stands prepared to assist its members and the Courts in any way possible as we all navigate through this challenge together. If you need support or have questions about the impact of these developments on your practice, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or any member of the Executive Council of the Appellate Practice Section.

Nick A. Shannin, Chair

Nicholas A. Shannin, Chair
Appellate Practice Section