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Judge Rothstein-Youakim

“When I was a little girl I would sit on the curb holding a coconut between my bare feet, whacking it with a hatchet until I got it open,” Judge Susan Rothstein-Youakim said.  “I’m a Florida girl,” she added.  “But don’t mention...

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Judge James A. Edwards

By: David C. Knapp James A. “Jim” Edwards had just finished speaking at a Civility in Litigation seminar for the Indian River Bar Association in Vero Beach, and was reviewing voice messages before getting into his...

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Judge Ross L. Bilbrey

by: Kansas R. Gooden You will not find him waving a metal detector on the beautiful beaches of the Florida pan handle he has called home for most of his life, but Judge Ross L. Bilbrey is a treasure hunter. He is a patient...

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The Honorable Susan L. Kelsey

Judge Susan Kelsey did not always plan to be a judge. She did not always plan to be a lawyer. She did not come from a family of lawyers, didn’t know any lawyers, and never even dreamed of college while she was growing up outside...

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The Honorable Thomas D. Winokur

Winter 2017, Volume XX, No. 7 By:  Jennifer Shoaf Richardson[1] Judge Thomas D. “Bo” Winokur was appointed to the First District Court of Appeal by Governor Rick Scott on June 11, 2015.  He joined the court after serving as...

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