Welcome to The Record Online, the Appellate Practice Section’s online journal. Below are some instructions for using the website as well as submitting articles for publication.

Navigating the Website

The most recent articles and chair’s message are displayed on the home page. To search for older articles, use the menu on the right side of the page. Users can search for articles by topic, category, or by using the simple search bar. Users can also browse articles by category using the menu at the top of the page. To search for an article by year or edition, use the print archive link and dropdown menu on the top right of the page or the archived articles dropdown in the menu on the right.

How can I get my article published on The Record?

Interested in submitting an article to The Record Online? Please see the Article Submission Information below. For more information, please contact the Editor, Courtney Fernald, at cfernald@eflegal.com

The Record Article Submission Information

All article submissions should include the following:

NOTE: Character maximum count includes spaces

  • Title of Article (30 CHARACTERS MAXIMUM)
  • Division / Committee / Section
  • Article Author
  • Author Bio (130 CHARACTERS MAXIMUM)
  • Short summary of article (180 CHARACTERS MAXIMUM)
  • Short quote from article for excerpt: (130 CHARACTERS MAXIMUM)
  • Category – (include as many as apply)
    • Chair’s Message
    • Civil Appeals
    • Criminal Appeals
    • Featured Articles
    • Judicial Profiles
    • Rules of Procedure
  • Tags – (any keywords that might help in a search for this article)
  • Photo Requirements:
    • Please email a head and shoulders photo of the author(s) with the article.
    • If you have an appropriate subject matter photo to accompany the article, please email it also. (You must have secured the rights to this photo if you did not take it yourself.)
    • Photos that are too small or blurry might be unusable. If you have several photos of the same subject matter, you may submit them all and the best one(s) will be chosen for publication. Please identify people and location/event, if applicable.
  • All articles must be emailed in Word format, with an attached sharp/clear photo of the author and the above information, to Courtney L. Fernald at cfernald@eflegal.com.
  • Article acceptance and publication is subject to the editor’s discretion.
  • The excessive use of footnotes is discouraged.