Summer 2011

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An Appellate Watershed Moment Awaits
Matthew J. Conigliaro

Message from the Outgoing Chair
Raoul Cantero

New Bright Line to Preserve the Right to a New Trial
Julia Luyster, Esq.
Judicial Profile: What Motivates a Judge to Continue to Serve? Insights from an Interview with Judge Charles J. Kahn, Jr.
Patrick J. McGinley
Judicial Profile: Florida’s Lucky Break: The Service of Judge Peter Webster
Courtney Brewer
Judicial Profile: Judge Kevin Emas
Patricia Wallace
Judicial Profile: An Interview with Judge Burton Conner
Mark Miller
Inside the Fifth District Court of Appeal
Roy D. Wasson, Shannon McLin Carlyle, & Bretton C. Albrecht

Winter 2011

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The 21st Century Gently Pokes Its Nose Under the Tent of Appellate Courts in Florida – Rule 2.420 and Confidentiality of Court Records
Paul Regensdorf

Message from the Chair
Raoul Cantero

How to Irk a Law Clerk
Kimberly Jones

A Day in the Life of a Staff Attorney at the Second District Court of Appeal
Shannon Tan

The Cautious Migration Toward Electronic Filing in Florida’s Courts
Beth C. Schwartz

No Introduction Needed? The Effectiveness of Introductions in Appellate Briefs
Lance Curry

Appellate Mediation in Florida
R. Lainie Wilson Harris, Esq.

Historical Society and Dade County Bar Honor Third District Court of Appeal Judge Gerald B. Cope, Jr.
Judge Frank A. Shepherd

A Tribute to Judge Thomas H. Barkdull, Jr.
W. Dexter Douglass

Writing a Shorter Brief
Wendy S. Loquasto

Spring 2012

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Interlocutory Order Operate as a “Tolling” Motion for Purposes of the Deadline to File a Notice of Appeal?
Paul A. Avron

Message from the Chair
Matthew J. Conigliaro

The 2011 Successful Appellate Advocacy Workshop: An Attendee’s Perspective
Sarah lahlou-Amine

Judicial Profile: Historical Society and Dade County Bar Honor Third District Court of Appeal Judge David M. Gersten
Gabrielle Raemy Charest

Judicial Profiles: A Warm Welcome for Judge Stephanie W. Ray and Judge Ronald V. Swanson to Florida’s First District Court of Appeal
Dawn M. McMahon

Chief Judge Linda Ann Wells Becomes the First Female Chief Judge of the Third District Court of Appeal
Kristen A. Tajak, Esq.

An Interview with State Court Administrator, Lisa Goodner
Laura Beth Faragasso

Summer 2012

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Benefitting from Bonner: The Enduring Significance of Former Fifth Circuit Decisions in Eleventh Circuit Jurisprudence
Andrew L. Adler

Incoming Chair’s Message
Jack R. Reiter

Here’s How We All Can Help, and Why We Should
Matthew J. Conigliaro

Discussion with the Florida Supreme Court: A Reminder of Our Responsibilities as Florida Lawyers
Rebecca Bowen Creed

Appellate Attorneys Take Their Chances at the ‘Casino Royale’

Judicial Profile: Third District Court of Appeal Judge Juan Ramirez, Jr., Honored in Retirement Ceremony
Kerry Cooper Collins

Remembering Judge Dell The Honorable John W. Dell Dec. 17, 1931 – Feb. 18, 2012

Summer 2013

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DCA Judges’ Education Program Well Worth the Trip and Time for Section Members
Daniel A. Bushell

Twenty Questions With Justice Labarga
Michael C. Greenberg

Message from the Chair
Jack R. Reiter

Judicial Profile: Judge Thomas Logue
Jessie Harrell

Judicial Profile: Judge Scott Makar
Jennifer Shoaf Richardson

Winter 2014

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Chairs’s Message
Ceci Berman

Proposed Amendments (Some Controversial) to the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure
Dorothy F. Easley

Quick Reference Guide for Florida Practitioners Using The Bluebook and Rule 9.800
Susan W. Fox

Turning the Tables on the Florida Supreme Court
Jason Lambert

Annual Dessert Reception and Award Winners
Kimberly Kanoff Berman

University of Miami School of Law Wins Robert Orseck Memorial Moot Court Competition

Summer 2014

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Outgoing Chair’s Message
Caryn Lynn Bellus

Chair’s Message
Cici Berman

What State Criminal Practitioners Should Know about Federal Habeas Corpus
Gray R. Proctor

Eleventh Circuit Declines to Limit the Pearlman Doctrine to Interlocultory Appeals in the Grand Jury Context
Paul A. Avron

Terms of Endearment for Appellate Clerks: How to Stay in an Appellate Court Clerk’s Good Graces
Carrie Ann Wozniak, Esq., with Pamela Masters, Esq.,

A Moving Target: How to Seek Fees in Your Original Proceedings
Jared Michael Krukar, Esq.

Judicial Profile: Judge Wendy Berger
Shannon McLin Carlyle

Judicial Profile: Judge Mark W. Klingensmith
Siobhan Helene Shea

Judicial Profile: Judge Alan Orantes Forst
Siobhan Helene Shea

Judicial Profile: Judge Edwin A. Scales, III
David A. Karp

Spring 2014

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Chair’s Message
Caryn Lynn Bellus

The Persistent Legislative, Executive, and Corporate Attempts to Control the Judiciary
Dorothy F. Easley

Judicial Profile: Judge Timothy Osterhaus
Ellie Neilberger

Judicial Profile: Judge Daniel Sleet Second District Court of Appeal
Raymond T. (Tom) Elligett

2013 Annual Education Program of the Florida Conference of District Court of Appeal Judges

Tom Hall, Clerk of the Florida Supreme Court, Looks Toward Retirement

20th Anniversary – Annual Meeting Highlights

Spring 2015

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Chair’s Message
Ceci Berman

Changes to the Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure Effective January 1, 2015
David Knapp

Harmless Error Redefined
Ezequiel Lugo

Unexpected Time Commitments: Complying with Florida’s Electronic Filing-and-Serving Protocol When Submitting Large Documents
Jay A. Yagoda & Brigid F. Cech Samole

John A. Tomasino Clerk of the Court, Florida Supreme Court
Kristen M. Fiore and Ryan D. O’Connor

The Honorable F. Rand Wallis
Christopher Carlyle